Hello.... Noob w/questions

Hi guys I have recently become interested in motocross and am looking to purchase my first bike. I am 210 lbs and was wondering what I should be looking for? I am going to have to buy used and was looking at a 250cc. All the shops in my area want $8300 or more for a new 250cc. Any tips on buying a used bike would be great, thanks!


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Welcome! Welcome!
Have you ridden a motorcycle at all prior to this 'interest in MX?'

In general, dirtbikes have a few points that you want to look at before you buy. I'll hit on a few of them, and others will chime in with excellent information as well.
-Fork seals leaking?
-Engine leaking any fluid?
-Tire condition? They are nearly $150 for a pair.
-Tubes holding air?
-Is the chain lubed and adjusted? If it's dry as a bone or rusty, that chain was neglected.
-Look at the air filter. If it's filthy, then it has probably never been cleaned, and I doubt the oil has been maintained.
-Lift the bike (from the rear fender) until the weight is off the rear suspension. Is there any slop between that point, and when the rear tire begins to lift off the ground? Rear linkage can be VERY expensive and difficult to change by yourself.
-You can usually see brake pad thickness externally on a dirtbike. anything more than 2mms and it's within reason.

Have them start it. If it doesn't start in 5-6 kicks, it needs something adjusted or fixed.

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Dan, thanks for those tips! I have ridden before when I was in high school, although nothing serious. Only took a few jumps that got me maybe 2-3 ft off the ground and ate it quite a few times. I used to have '94 KX 250, but I still don't really know much about dirt bikes. I want to be able to do some jumps, nothing major just looking to start small and work my way up slowly. I do know the feeling of getting the bike off the ground from my past attempts and it is a weird feeling that kinda makes me nervous lol.

I have been looking on my local craigslist and seen a '06 CRF 250r for $3000 obo. Just worried about the life of the forks/shocks and if they would need to be replaced since its a 7 year old bike...... How often do shocks usually need to be replaced?


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How often do shocks usually need to be replaced?
Never, but they may need servicing every couple years if you ride regularly.
...I used to have '94 KX 250....on my local craigslist...a '06 CRF 250r for $3000 obo.
Just worried....since its a 7 year old bike....
I think a 250cc would be an excellent choice.
Some people love 4 strokes, some people love 2 strokes. It's a personal choice.
All my bikes are over 20 years old, they work just fine.
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