Happy Fathers DAY!!

Believe it or not, we played that at church today. :lol: Plus we put enough couches up front for ~20 fathers (decided via a lottery), who were then treated with beef jerky and beer...uhh root beer that is. :lol:
What kind of church do you belong to???? :faint:
Its not a hippi church is it? :naughty:
Happy fathers day .............. mine was great, kind of celebrated my sons b'day yesterday too (actual b'day is tomorrow)... his g/f bought him new drum heads for his set and we gave him new cymbals, seat AND a cowbell...(MORE COWBELL). Made me feel good to here him "bashing" again :D/:cry: . He's been out of it for several years, lost interest, poor state of mind but now he's got the itch again so we got all this stuff, cleaned up the drums, polished the chrome, assembled everything, set it up for him for when he got home and surprised the HELL out of him... oh yeah WELCOME NEW NEIGHBORS!!! :smirk: :smirk: he's a little rusty but not too bad for not playing that long... :thumb: