Getting back into the sport

Hey guys/gals, I am getting back into the sport. I quit a few years ago, and am now in the market for another bike. I’m primarily going to be racing/riding outdoor motocross. I quit a few years back racing/riding a 2002 kx 250 two stroke. Im 6’1 and 155 pounds. I’m also 22. I’m looking to buy a 450. Would that be a good bike to start back on?
What is your budget? 02 KX 250 was a great bike I had one and loved. 450 is not going to be the same bike in regards to weight or power delivery. Have you ridden a 450 before?
Yes I’ve ridden a 2009 Kx 450f. It was in a back yard not a track. I rode a crf250f and it was right after I got off my two fifty two stroke and it was a little lacking in power for me.
If your budget allows, the new 250f’s are pushing 40+ hp which is right where your kx was. And the weight is similar if not less. Yes it tends to lack the “hit” of a two stroke, and the 450’s definitely have that. I was a die hard 250t and thought I needed a 450 also. Rode one and loved the pull, bought one and the weight and grunty power delivery wore me out. Just my experience. Whatever you choose ride safe and smart and welcome to the forum. :thumb:
My budget won’t allow a newer 250f or 450f but I’m trying to stay around the $3,000 range. My 250 two stroke was light but keeping it on the pipe was difficult later in the motos. I was thinking 450 because it wouldn’t be so rough as far as keeping it in the power as the 250 two stroke. But I’ve never rode on a motocross track with one. The 250fs just seemed sluggish compared to a 250 two stroke and I also have never ridden a four stroke. I grew up riding an 85, then 125, and finally a 250 two stroke.
The 250f’s can be deceptively fast. They don’t kick you in the pants so it may feel like it’s slower or less powerful than your 250t, but spinning ain’t winning.. and late in the moto with 5 lbs of soil stuck to your cradle the 450 can get heavy. Not saying it’s a dealbreaker, just at 155 you are giving away 100lbs
Pros and cons. 450 not ridden as hard or revd as high keeps the valvetrain healthy, and used machines ridden by novices have had it easy, whereas average riders can rev the snot out of 250f’s with impunity. Mmm anyway get a 450 and put the money you save on rebuilds into a gym membership
If you are looking to spend 3K for a 450, I think I would be looking at Yamahas. If my primary concern was to get into racing again, with money being a real concern, the old 5 valve yamahas are pretty reliable. Any kind of racing when you talk about old or new 4 strokes is more spendy than it was in your KX days, if you are going to run up front. The newer stuff is definitely superior to the older stuff when it comes to handling though. Just depends on how much you want to be a part of racing.