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I recently ran across a US company. They claim they can make any dirt bike legal in the US. Just curious if anybody out there has tried them. I’m too old to ride hardcore off-road anymore but I have a pristine 96 CR500 that I want to be able to ride the local backroads here.


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What state are you in?
No website can help you register your bike legally for the road. If they can do it, YOU could do it.
Only you can do it through your local DMV.
It's not a 'who you know,' it what 'laws you know.'
EX: In AZ it's legal to plate a toilet with wheels. Not going to need this website for AZ.

Depends on what state,
If they are using another state's titling and trying to just transfer a new title across state lines, The problem comes when the state does a VIN check, flags the machine for not being road worthy certified and the DMV checks to see if the proper inspection and certifications have been completed verifying the conversion. Most states simply send a letter telling the owner to comply (if possible) or they pull the plates.
We had a few dirtbikes come from a local dealership, here in CA, that sold a particular model as 'road legal' with plates.
The DMV rejected their paperwork months later and sent them OHV stickers.
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I’m in Ms. Dirtlegal.com said they can get it licensed in another state and handle everything. No inspection needed.
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