So i was riding with the boys out florida We cruising and stuff doing wheelies for our videos and crap
We stopped at a gas station to reload on gas and almost like 20 cops show up along with a big ass drone flying over.

Most of us took off and the drone went there way following them I got caught up and my bike got taken by the pigs Went to my mother since she's a radio station dj for tampa's college Using her media power she was able to contact the sheriff's dept for a interview and the only thing they could say was they were beta-testing some new tech called whiplash and nothing else

After doing some searching for almost 30mins on what the hell they're doing i found it
its some ai shit or something with drones they're using to catch dirtbikers

my boys if u riding and u c something flying above during ur rides don't go straight to meetups or gas ups the man is watching us this is some creepy stuff
try emailing the company about why the picking on black people and they never replyed

They also took everyones picture at the gas station using something called clearview i seen it on there phone after googling and searching its some photo app or something


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Between aerial drone, automated photographic ID, and tactical video overlay in helicopters, there is no hiding if someone is interested in you.

You'll have to be 'less interesting' to prevent it in the future.
-BIG DAN:wink:
You are being watched , because of your antics ... actions , Not because you're black ..., Doing stunts , wheelies ect. That is what attracts the police ... Citizens are tired of the type of riding you're doing ...., You are'nt helping our cause , you're causing grief for ALL bikers ....,