dirtbike engine squeaking and won’t start

i left my bike sitting for 2 weeks after i took the back tire off to change it i went on vacation for 2 weeks came back put the tire back on and tried to start it and now i can’t get it to crank with the kick start and now i hear squeaking in the engine while trying to start it please help


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Kinda hard to make out what kind of bike you have from the dark picture. Are you sure the “squeaking” is in the engine? Could that be coming from your suspension as you kick the bike? After trying to start, pull your spark plug and check if it’s wet or dry. If dry, probably a fuel issue. If wet, may be a spark issue. Does your compression feel good? When you have the plug out, with your hand, try pushing the kickstarter to rotate the crank to see if you still have the squeak.