Dirt bike bogs when driving

Hello !
I have a 2020 Apollo rxf 200cc we’ll really a 190 cc it’s like a Daytona knock off
Anyways The bike revs just fine but when I put it into gear and drive it it bogs
Ive replaced carb put a new one on tuned it to spec matches the original
adjusted the valves to spec
New spark plug
I’ve redone the whole wiring harness I’ve taken off the regulator rectifier
It’s just cdi - stator - coil -kill switch
after I rewired the whole bike to just run it ran a little bit better but still not good
No air leaks besides 2 holes that are on the intake manifold I’m not sure if they are supposed to be plugged but every picture I’ve seen they are opened
Any help ?



Staff member
Intake manifold has holes? Do you have a photo?
What did you tune on the carburetor? What is the fuel screw set to?
The valves needed adjustment?
-BIG DAN:thumb: