2 Stroke CR85 (Lil wheel) Suspension on CRF 150F???

Hey guys wondering if cr85 (lil wheel) suspension would work on a 2003 CRF 150F Like the rear shock and front forks. I can get the rear shcok off an 04 for 80 bucks and maybe get a package deal with the front forksjust wanna make sure itll all work first.

it might, call your local dealer and ask. and you will need the triple tree also because the cr has inverted forks (shiny side down) the big side will go in the trees so the 150 triples will be to little.
Lots of guys do that conversion - it is not, however, a direct bolt-on. I have heard it makes for a great play/trail bike. You should be able to find tons of info on this conversion on-line. :thumb:
I am not sure the condition or year of your bike and how much you might be able to get out if it in your local market, but it seems that the money you drop into a suspension can be used along side the money you get from the sell of you bike to just buy a 85cc bike or a crf150R bike. That is just my thoughts.