250 Cheap place for 05' ttr 250 parts?

Hey gang, I recently aquired a ttr250, and am loving the bike. I want to get a few things changed, like the front headlight plastic housing, and rear side covers, but using eBay and a few other websites, I can't find them under $100 a piece, if anything, I would think they could go for $35 a piece or so. But it seems like a lot of replacement parts are just rediculously expensive, does yamaha directly sell these parts for any cheaper? Any advice would help!

Yeah I think with the TTR’s you have to use the OEM stuff. I have yet to find an aftermarket plastics kit for my TTR125.
dang, well alright then, it'll do. I just feel robbed spending $250+ just for a few pieces of plastic.... so far I'm just ordering a battery box, because whoever had it before bought a wrong sized battery and ditched the box, and had it sitting right on top of the exhaust pipe... but oh well, buying an older bike has its risks. But hey, at least it's a dang good motor, just hoping the intake backfire I'm getting right now is just from the carb or bad fuel, and not a valve issue.