Other BSA JR 50

Just bought a 1970's kids Italian trials bike for £90 but no name on engine or frame, im guessing a franco morini 50-75cc engine but have no idea on the brand/make, anyone ever had anything similar?

Almost looks like a BETA kids bike.
Maybe but I think it's all going to be in the frame to ID it as the plastics are fibreglass and probs/poss home made! Defo a Franco morini engine after a quick google on gyro-kick from the casing!
Thinking maybe Fantic, Beta, Bultaco, Italjet, these little engines were fitted in most small Euro bikes from that era, only came across maybe a dozen in the past 25 years'ish!

MV augusta?
Lol that would be nice :wink:

Thats a Ferrari, look at the color.
I've never seen anything like it, but it looks cool.
How does it run?
I'm guessing it's a 2-stroke?
More pictures!
Me neither, that's why I phoned the guy half a dozen times and left 3 text messages! :)
Apparently it ran 3 years ago and gearbox is good, we shall see!
Yup 2T!
It's still in the van, got. It home at 9pm with a couple of my wee kids upfront in the van so kids to bed and pull it out of the van tmoz :)
Just seems interesting as I've never seen one and at sub £100 it's instantly written off!
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Montessa ?

Paw Paw
Hey PawPaw, I had one of those 30 years ago, a cota 310 which I loved but I found out a couple of nights ago that it's a BSA junior 50, not much info out there about these little bikes but I just found and downloaded a manual for the engine so a step in the right direction for sure :thumb: