Pro Boy I sure miss 2 stroke racin', how bout you?

Like it or not, I guess our simple and inexpensive little oil burning buddies are long gone. For some reason, racing to me is boring. It seems that all the bikes squeeze into the first turn, some dude gets a hole shot, and the rest is just a choo-choo thundering thumpin' train. Boy I sure miss the 2 smokey days, i'll tell you what! Maybe its been a while, but it seemed that the scraps, the action of yesterday were more interesting. Hell formula 1 racing seems to have the same strange dude winning all-the-time, hmmm, strange. Gets kinda boring if the samo-o, same -o occours! Well sir, I hate to say it, but it forces moi' to want to see some wrecks! Ye-haw! So lets see em'! Forget about what its really about, fair, and interesting competition, lets get some wrecks a-going, what say you?:lol::ride::shocked::thumb:1f813d594ed99aac14ac798728bb2c1e.jpg Good bye, yawnnn, 4 strokes, anyone? Yawnnn!1981-YZ465.jpg Ciao!
2 vs 4 the beat goes on. Listen I love bikes of all forms. If it’s got two wheels and a motor I’m grinning. I can fun dicking around on a puch. BUT I don’t like riding behind 2 strokes. Every so often I climb up to one in the woods and I’ve got to get around. Can’t freakin (septum) breathe as it is without choking that smoke down. No thanks. Didn’t mind riding them, but then I’m choking out the competition. More smoke the better :P like James Bond
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