All Baldy Mesa Ride

Well my son, since he had no school, and I went to the Baldy Mesa area yesterday for the first time. Actually I used to ride up in that area over 30 years ago before all the houses went in. We went back to the big sandy hill climb that I used to go up and down way back when and it does not look any different now than it used to. I rode a lot of the by pass sections which are fun but some of them have ruts as deep as my bike and as wide as the trail itself. My big concern is the bozos on quads and Rhinos that think they are the only ones on the trails and come screaming around blind turns taking the entire width of the road as a couple did to me yesterday. Then as they go by me they look at me and are not watching the road in front of them and one of them almost hit my son head on. That is my big fear factor, dummies not thinking and driving or riding like morons. I guess the best time to go is on a week day. Anyway, it was a 25 mile loop for our first time and we had a good time for a local spot to ride.