Atlas Brace recieves its own unique patent



The whole family of Atlas Brace’s is not only unique in our eyes, but also in the eyes of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). With great excitement we are proud to announce that on March 12, 2013 the USPTO has issued Utility Patent No. 8,393,017 for the Atlas Brace. This victory marks a very exciting milestone for us, and proves that the Atlas Brace is truly a new invention, utilizing new technology that we have spent countless hours developing and refining.

At Atlas, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to design and innovation. When the Atlas Brace project started years ago we made it our goal to create a brand new product no one had ever seen before, bringing new ideas and a different thought process to the world of neck protection, all while respecting others current Intellectual Property. As it turns out, we couldn’t be happier with how the product has evolved, and we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from consumers all around the world who recognize the Atlas Brace as the new era in neck protection.

A year ago, on March 27th, 2012 the USPTO issued Design Patent D656,680 for the Atlas Brace’s unique overall design and aesthetics. This Patent was a great first step for us, and proved that we had indeed created a unique invention.

The whole family of Atlas Brace’s are quickly proving to be a leader in the world of neck protection by bringing new innovations in fit, function, comfort, and performance, all in proportional sizes for your entire family. We are very pleased to announce this great victory, and excited to know what the future brings for Atlas. We can’t wait to share our greater vision with all of you!

About Atlas Brace Technologies:
Atlas Brace Technologies is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and Valencia, California. Founded in 2011, Atlas is the home of the first racer designed, racer tested next generation neck brace, the Atlas Brace™. The Atlas Brace™ was uniquely designed and engineered to be only of the highest level of safety, comfort, mobility, and forward thinking ideas… For more information on the Atlas Brace™, please