Apollo 125 Carb problem throttle stuck open Help!

Okay guys this ones a good one. Gonna get straight to the point. 2013 Apollo 125. brand new. bought last oct. Not a mile on this thing. I get it home,check it everything out bolts, the works etc. etc. figure id change the oil when i get back. guys at the shop said it be good for an hour, then change it. The bike was running great at the shop btw. i start it up and notice it sounds kinda different then before although i hadn't paid to much attention i was in a rush to ride the damn thing lol. So i take off and its not long before i notice shits going wrong. Im not throttling whatsover and the bike is going about 15mph well needless to say i have a dead end block and it didnt end well because i went towards the dead end! Ended well for the bike. kick stand got scraped and the left handle bar but all was well. I wasn't though. just bruised up from the fall.

Here's the problem

I start it, let it run and a few to warm up put choke down and it starts to rev higher and if i throttle it will either stick open or continusely rev's higher then it should be. for example the bike does not idle. it sounds loud and obxinous like its trying to idle but much louder at a higher rpm. when i put the bike into first and let go of the clutch it was like i was lol. when the choke is up seems to idle fine. I have narrowed it down the the carb for sure though, not the throttle.

I can provide more info w/ questions, thanks anyway plz help!! would be greatly appreciated !!


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I would make sure the throttle cable isn't sticking when you turn the bars.

#1 reason a bike will run correctly with the choke on, but not with the choke off is a dirty idle circuit/jet.
Clean the carburetor.
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mine does the same thing. its fine then out of no where it sticks at around 15mph as well. idk what the part is on top of the carb where the other end of the cable goes but im sure thats where its getting stuck. when i tighten it all the way down it gets stuck full throttle if i loosen it and tighten it with the gold pin at the very end of thread it works okay. throttle cables stock may be too long? cause when i first got it the throttle cable attchment to the carb was on striped. its a 2020 Apollo RFZ 125 Z20.