Anybody FOREX?


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I've been doing Forex trading now on FXCM for 6 months. My demo account was hit and miss as far as my trading strategies and ended up at a loss position frequently. But I have since attended online seminars and watched every seminar on youtube. Many hours spent learning good strategies. Worth every minute. :thumb:

With the simple help of these cliches...
"Trade with the trend!"
"You need a reason for each trade!"
"Use stops!"
My trading strategies and decision making has come along way. I trade at a 2/1=profit/loss margin. and have been profitable on 68% of positions.
This week I profited $1430 on 5 positions off a total profit of nearly 500 pips combined!

EUR/USD has been a volatile "safe pair" :lol:that has been profiting nicely.
USD/JPY has also been a blast to follow with the chinese bond market slowly downgrading to a "junk bond." While the minute charts seem volatile, on an hour or day chart the trend is obvious.



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I have an original investment of $2500 that I originally deposited into my account. (Which can be withdrawn at anytime without charge.)
I usually never risk more than 2% of my account balance. So you could lose $2 for each position. Or you could make $4 on each position. It's not a great gain, but the losses are less. I open 5-6 positions per week.

"It is not advised to trade for/with friends." Another lesson i learned the easy way... youtube...