250 99 KX250 Lost Spark

This all started about a month or so ago. It sat for a month or so while I was sick, when I was better I went to ride and it wouldn't start. So I took the Carb apart fully clean and rebuilt it, and when I got it started so I can adjust the carb it started spraying oil from the inner clutch cover, so a week or so later I get that torn down and welded and put back together. I go out to a buddy's farm where there are some long straight away so I can reach the high end gears to fully tune the carb now that oil isnt spraying everywhere. I got the bike running good, took it home and in normal fashion when I unloaded I had to go for a quick rip down the street and back. The second I pulled out of the driveway it died, and now I am not getting spark. I am lost at why it just suddenly stopped, didnt drop it or wreck or anything. Any ideas?


Staff member
If you have actually lost spark, I would suggest trying a new spark plug, first. -BIG DAN:thumb: