2 Stroke 5 Miles of Hell [Do we make it?]

We take an all-electric dirt bike (KTM Freeride EXC) down what some consider the gnarliest trail in Utah, five miles of hell. ** To WIN THIS BIKE VISIT - https://www.backcountrymtnlife.com/ This is the first electric bike to ever be taken down this trail. Many of us have wondered just how good is the KTM Freeride and if electric bikes, in general, can keep up with standard gas bikes. Well, we decided to put this to the test and show everyone what can be done. Sam rides the KTM Freeride, Will rides a KTM 250 XCW and Richard rides a Honda 250 XR. Our biggest concern was if the charge would last long enough or if we would have to haul a dead electric bike out of 5 Miles of Hell.


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While I will still burn fossil fuels for longer, in bigger motors, than anyone else on this forum... :drool:
This technology has my full attention.
From Tesla to Dirtbikes, the electric vehicle is far too long awaited and should be invested in until the 'weight to range' ratio has shifted into a viable option.
Looks like we are really close to a breakthrough that changes everything. 90 minutes of riding woods is pretty impressive for 2 YEARS AGO.

Huge downsides still are weight, needing to recharge, expensive back up batteries, and the power delivery is not consistent over the charge of the battery. Also, Dez riding would stamp an electric bike out in 20 minutes.
I think in 5 years, this kind of thing can be sorted out, especially if battery technology can fundamentally change., as the industry is showing advancement in actual physical properties.
Whether you believe in electric bikes or not, they believe in you.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
That's cool that you took the electric freeride to 5MOH but how do you know its the first one to tackle this trial? First to be documented? :noidea:

Without throwing my leg over one, I can't give my complete opinion of the scooter. I did own a 250 gas powered freeride for a few years and that was a super fun bike to ride and it went everywhere.

I have been following these electric bikes for some time and may have one in the stable down the road for certain applications, but as Big D states, I love to burn fuel
Hey there again my boy Billy, getting some legs on YouTube.
Only good thing about them electric bikes that I can see is noise level, keeping our riding places open and maybe expanding (hopefully but not likely)
People like to think electric power is environmentally friendly, but the copper and aluminum it takes to make the batteries, and electricity to recharge them is coming from fossil fuels. I suppose if you were to crunch the numbers, and eventually mine with electric equipment, there may be a gain there somewhere. Either way it's evident that there’s not enough coal and oil in the ground to sustain what we use now, so something’s gotta give.
Nuclear Power!
Smart, sustainable and SAFE for everyone! :peep: