450F 2022 Wr450f No indicators at all or indicator light on dash either.

Installed ClickNRide LED indicators WITH the resistors and were working fine then suddenly nothing at all, checked fuses and tried changing back to stock indicators to see if the bulbs themselves were blown and still nothing.Everything ive checked has power to it (If I am indeed checking it correctly)and all connections are good and tried putting a LED flasher relay on also and yeah still nothing at all. Everything else works fine like headlight and stuff and not sure where to go from here or check from here any ideas would be helpful, thanks!


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Are the fuses testing good on a meter? They can look good but be bad.
You have 12v along the wire even at the turnsignal connectors?
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Yeah mate fuses are good on the meter and yep 12v at the connections and ive checked the bulbs they work fine also ! Super weird one thought maybe taking battery out to reset the ecu but that hasnt worked either