South 2013 Thanksgiving DBA Trip Report

So far, its been a blast. The weather started out looking mean, but quickly cleared to awesome weather with moist dirt, perfect riding conditions. Crowds were small, but I did pass lots of dirt bike hauling rigs on my way back.
Quite a few fun rides during daylight hours, followed by evenings of great food, bonfires, and copious amounts of booze. Even by DBA standards, the group excelled in raunchy behavior.
The usual suspects showed up. along with a few first timers, who quickly assimilated.
Thanks to Bruce (Weathergeek) for all the chow and a place to crash, and to everyone else for a great time.
A few photos of the first couple of days, I am sure others will post when they get back.

The weather when we arrived Saturday

Sunday, with great weather, lets ride

Lunchtime, Geekster cooking up some burgers
Next day, more riding, lots of new fencing out there, gotta spend all that grant money on something..

Found a nice outcrop of quartz, Geek wanted some to take home, so we loaded chunks into our packs, luckily we are both in great shape, so didn't even notice the extra weight...........

The X-15 crash site has been upgraded a bit (this is what grant money should be spent on, not fences)

Couple of ugly mugs

FNG Tim (Shlepy500) and his daughters, who is now a regular

Rack photobombing

CDA's Dad, crew, and one nice set of wheels

Rack and CDA, the terrible two

Geek and Roger, with Rack once again photobombing

Timoyz and Rolls

The sticker adds 5-7 horsepower to my bike, the shirt ups my skill level to RFF. Oh yeah

Proudly, uhhh, flying the colors?

Top of the hill, just before sundown, Tom, Dustin, G-Man, and WG

Thanks again to everyone who was out there, it was great.
Wow, a trip report and it is only Tuesday. :thumb: I guess we will not get to ride together this time around Agent as I will be there tomorrow and you are already home. Great pictures of the gang.
Nice report developing...

BTW - Most of that chain link is private land bought & paid for by power companies... then given to CA Fish & Game as a legal bribe (mitigation land) so that Power can get approval to set up a wind or solar farm elsewhere. Then CA Fish & Game hands the management of the land they now own over to conservation groups. Nothing to do with green sticker money.

CA Fish & Game is getting into the land management business like the FED BLM. And they appear to be even more aggressive than BLM.

The biggest land grab this country has ever seen is occurring before our very eyes with the FEDS... and the State of CA is getting in on the game. It is truly scary how aggressive this stuff is yet it's going largely unnoticed by most.

I keep hearing the voice of that dumb cartoon character from our childhood: "Duh... which way did he go... I tought I saw a puddy tat ?!" Thats us wondering where our public lands went.

It really is over for our grand kids. Places like Rowher will be all thats left. The "Friendliest OHV City in the world" (Cal City) and the surrounding pubic lands will be nothing more than a few acres of flattened and signed OHV trails, vast acres of renewable energy farms and fenced in turtle, plant, rock and bug preserves.

But again... great ride report ! :thumb:
Great report so far! Am leaving today, leaving all the fun to the rest of the knuckleheads. What a great week with little or no wind, For those of you that could not or did not make it, there is nothing like spending this week with your bestest friends and family. It just doesn't get any better. James, we missed you too. Maybe next year.

Looking ahead, the next trip begins in 3 weeks. True DEZ season is upon us. Thanks to all especially the Robinson family that hosted Tday dinner, that made it so special. Cheers!
Indeed it was another perfect trip with awesome weather and friends. I got some pics to share starting with the sunrise for TDay. IMG_0744.JPGThe CDA and Rack estates. IMG_0747.JPGTimo's rig with the best trailer in the business. IMG_0748.JPGIMG_0753.JPGThe 530KTM hang out. IMG_0752.JPGIMG_0750.JPGWeathergeek and his sweety. IMG_0761.JPGXQuadtard at the controls of the smoking machine. This thing rocks. IMG_0758.JPG530KTM Jr. and Rack Jr. going out to hit some trails. IMG_0779.JPGMrs. 530 preparing the feastIMG_0782.JPGI found one of these things sitting close by. IMG_0773.JPGMrs 530 and Jr. IMG_0763.JPGAnd some more great pictures of the Thanksgiving gathering. IMG_0755.JPGIMG_0781.JPGIMG_0776.JPGIMG_0762.JPGIMG_0786.JPGIMG_0756.JPG
I wanted to share a few shots for some of our friends who do not get the chance to appreciate our vast desert playgrounds. Our camp is in the left hand center part of the screen. You can see how many others are off in the distance, all different groups of people enjoying this place. :thumb:IMG_0770.JPGAnd this is just a small portion of what is out there. IMG_0765.JPGIMG_0769.JPGIMG_0767.JPGIMG_0766.JPGIMG_0768.JPGAnd while we were out walking we had to pick up some of the flying litter that people like to launch at night. Timo rides out through the dez to find and retrieve this junk. IMG_0764.JPG