2001 rm250 no spark

I just got a new 01 rm250 k2 with no spark. As stated by the previous owner he said the cdi blew. Everything was tested and confirmed it’s either a cdi or wiring issue (ignition coil side not getting close to enough voltage, stator outputting 20v)

I’m looking at the wiring diagram from Suzuki and am not seeing a voltage regulator anywhere nor am I seeing anywhere to plug it into (possible that manual was released for later year wiring) I read some other diagram because all 01-06 rm250 for some reason all had different wiring and cdi with some having a regulator in parallel and some models missing voltage regulators. Anyone with a k2 rm250 can assist? Am I just blowing the cdi because I’m sending 20v into a 12v capacitor?


Staff member
I would go through the testing in the manual to narrow it down for yourself.
If the bike doesnt have a battery or lights onboard, there will be no reason for a regulator.

I would not consider the CDI at fault until I had tested and replaced everything else first, they are extremely hard to kill (short of intentional tampering.) -BIG DAN:thumb: