125 2000 kx125 help!!??

Hi guys I need of help with my current 2000 kx125 project. I’ve recently picked up 2009 rmz250 forks to convert over to something a bit heavier oppose to the oem forks. But in the process I’ve comes to a stand still in that when I put the lower half of my triple tree into the neck it does not come up far enough with the upper bearing in to get a thread on the nut that goes on top of the upper bearing. I need of some help or possible alternative routes to other triple clamps or machining of the clamps. Can provide photos if needed.


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Unfortunately, this usually requires alot of trial and error or a ton of measuring actual components from different bikes.
There is not just overall stem length to consider, but also bearing ID and OD, and fork diameter and 'fork land' configuration.
Wish I could be more help, but there are very few 'useful' plugNplay upgrades available without modification to the frame or triple clamps. -BIG DAN:thumb: