2 vs 4 Stroke Engine Sound (Typed)

"Braaap" is the sound of a

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Ok so I've always classified Braaaap with thumpers and ring dinger with the pingers. (Had to make it rhyme) :P

However now I'm being told that braaap means a 2 stroke/pinger. :noidea: Did I just not get the memo? :smirk:
well Braaaap has been used for a long time and the 2t was much more popular up untill just a few years ago :prof: so being that the 2t has been around longer it must be that braaappp is a 2 stroke:prof: :prof::banana::banana::ride::ride::ride:
I voted 2 stroke because it's been around long. Like PBK said.

BUT! I do think 4 strokes sound more brraaaaaaaaaaaaaap to me.