2 Stroke 1993 KTM 250 GS

Hi There, I am re-building the above bike and am needing a new front brake master cylinder and bottom chain guide. I am finding it impossible to access and wonder if anybody can supply and/or advise where they could be accessed. Alternatively if there are other model/makes that would have a compatible fitting part.

I do have a parts manual and can supply part numbers if required.

Thank you in advance


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Have you tried ebay? I found both parts on north american ebay pretty quickly, but you are upside down. Shipping may be prohibitive.
Looks like the rear chain guide fits 93-2005?
The front master cylinder is 22mm I think, so most likely 93-2005 as well.
-BIG DAN:thumb:

Here's some pics of an 89 lefty 250 I had.