RM250 1991 RM250 No Start

Hi all, new to the forums here so please move the post if it's in the incorrect spot. Anyways, I have a 1991 RM250 that will not start. I kick it and it has good compression. Has spark that seems to be slightly on the weak side but still blue. Fuel is wet on the plug after kicking. The coil seems to be some cheap eBay one so that could be of concern, was put on by the previous owner. I have spark, air, and fuel it should at least pop over...no. I have no other ideas other than a possible too weak of spark or bad compression and need a new piston and rings etc.

Here are the things I've checked and done.

- New NGK Spark Plug BR8EIX gapped at .025

- Cleaned carb and all jets and passages with compressed air, absolutely spotless

- Checked reeds, they sit perfectly flat and have no damage whatsoever, has brand new Boyeson performance reeds and cage on it, and the intake boot, clamps, and gasket is brand new too

- New head gaskets and cylinder gasket because I took the head off to check the piston for pitting

- Piston is good on the top and has some scoring on the skirts

- New O-ring and springs on FMF gold series head pipe

- Took stator cover and flywheel off, cleaned every single contact point to the frame and the magnets

- Replaced all heat shrink connectors and dielectric greased them

Any help is greatly appreciated. And yes I have read through many forums on this that date to 2012 or so, found lots of info but no solution.
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If your plug is fouled you're not going anywhere. Sounds like your flooding the engine maybe.
Are all your carb settings correct? Jets sized for temp, elevation, etc.
If it we're mine I would take the fuel away, kick it, and if it doesn't fire try adding an alternate fuel source, I.E - carb cleaner.
Process of elimination.
When I said the plug is wet with fuel I meant that it is getting fuel into the cylinder. The plug is brand new and correct for the bike. I don't know how to check my jet sizes but I know from reading another post that I'm supposed to be around a 360 main jet and 50 pilot jet, but like I said I don't know how to confirm my sizes. Also, I have turned the fuel off and shot some 32:1 gas into my intake (not carb cleaner, unhealthy for motor) and had no luck with it firing.
I would still dry it all out (remove plug and kick it a bunch) and try the carb cleaner. I've never had an issue using it in 35+ years of turning wrenches, and with a bike that age I wouldn't even give it another thought.
You're bike needs 4 things to run;
a combustible fuel mixture
and spark at the right time.
If you have all of the above, it will fire.

Edit: is your gas good?
I’ll try some carb cleaner down the hatch tomorrow. Yes my gas is 93 oct. mixed 32:1 with amsoil dominator oil. Another thing I’m going to try is bump starting it while towing it with my quad. My timing is where it was set previously which I’m guessing was from the factory. Maybe timing is my issue?