125 1988 kx 125 restore, need suggestions on spark arrestor

Just as the title states, i began this journey a few years back on a 1988 kx125 that i originally bought as a parts bike to fully restore the bike. Long story short i finally had time to finish, and the next step is to throw a spark arrestor and title it to be able to take it out locally. Problem is I'm having trouble finding a compatible in stock spark arrestor, looking for suggestions.


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That's a tough one. Doesn't look like there are any offerings from the major companies.
You may want to look at the clamp on models that go over the end of the can.
Good luck! -BIG DAN:thumb:
Thank you so much for the reply, i really do appreciate it. At this point I'm so excited im literally trying to find the fastest solution so i can go ride any recommendations on clamp on models? I'm unfamiliar really.

The only thing I was able to find
Which i guess is ideal, but isn't available until july 10th which i still even question whether it will be, not to mention patience.

I also found
But my question then is if i can put a spark arrestor on that? And if so what is compatible?


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I use a Cobra Sparky for all my spark arrestor needs on my older bikes. They come in different sizes, shapes, and angles based on your muffler shape.
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