250 1980 Yamaha TT250

Hello. Newbie here. I recently purchased a 1980 Yamaha TT250 and it has been so much fun! Until today. I was riding and all of a sudden it died and gas was flowing like a river from the float bowl overflow tube (I believe it to be) I turned the petcock to close and it stopped but upon returning it to res or on it just flowed again. It just would not stop flowing out. I pushed her home and knocked on the float bowl to see if the float was stuck and that seemed to do the trick...started it up and she ran for a few minutes until it died and fuel started flowing now from the point at which the carb connects to the air box boot...
I just have no idea what happened. I have been riding in sand recently and wonder if the jets are plugged or something. I have a rebuild kit on the way and a manual to learn how to open the carb and clean it out. I’ve taken the carb out and am awaiting the kit and manual.
Any insight on this problem? It was running tickety boo before this, great actually, I’m completely stumped and frustrated for sure.
Please help!


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Yes, that is very likely a dirty carburetor.
Taking it apart and cleaning is easy, especially if you have new brass and seals coming for reinstallation. Give it a whirl!
-BIG DAN:thumb: