Other 1978 Honda XL125 Restoration

Hey guys, I just bought a 1978 (+/- year) Honda XL125. I'm wanting to restore it to either resell or keep and ride around. It does run, but it's rough and isn't in great condition over all.

If anyone has tips/advice for restoring a bike that'd be great!


(P.S. No haters. If you're just gonna come and here to tell me it's pointless and a waste of money, then don't say anything)
You must have been on TT forum . Not that bad here .... even some real help without the critizism ...
Good choice for starters , lot's of parts around , easy to work on . Get plenty of spray lube , find some paitence, take your time and do it right .. 1st. Off get a manual , I reccomend ManualsLib.com for a PDF Version ... Welcome to the club .....


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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.
I find the discontinued stuff on ebay when I'm putting together something older.
Sometimes I have to buy entire systems from old parts bikes to get the specific 'vintage' part I'm after.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
No I've never been on TT, but I've had problems on other forums (trucks, atvs, etc.).

My throttle cable is far too long. It was replaced at a shop (heres the part number: 17910-153-P00) and I can't figure out how to adjust it. I've tried with the screw right on my handle but it isn't enough. Note, that is the only place I'm able to adjust

I have a list, its pretty lengthy, but I don't plan to do everything now, just wanna get it done over time:

Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Kill Switch
Fork Seals*
Fork Springs*
Air Box Seal*
Air Filter Cover*
Fuel Tank Cap Breather*
Tank Cushion*
Tank Rear Mounting Bolt*
Tank Rear Rubber Mount
Heat shield for exhaust
Replacement/Better Muffler

Everything with a star (*) I have found, I just added it anyway to give you guys an idea of what I have to do.
The shop also added a note to the invoice stating: "Replace or rebuild front shocks." Not exactly sure how to do this, I'd rather do which ever method is cheaper (guessing rebuilding). If you know how to do that any help would be great

SRAD97750 I will get pictures ASAP, I just need to get them from my camera first

Thanks guys
If you want the genuine Honda factory service manual in paper form, here's where to get it:

A little pricey, but well worth it. As Big Dan said, eBay is your friend for cheap OEM parts. That's a solid engine and is very forgiving on tolerances.
Ok, thanks.

The bike is pricy? I got it for $500. Yes it is, I got it to start pretty easily the first time, runs pretty rough, but that will soon be fixed