100 04' KX100 Rebuild

I found an 04' KX100 in my creek, the motor wasn't locked up so I decided to fix it. I got the motor to run for a little bit after I bought an older carburetor from a 1990's KX100. Since the motor had low compression I decided to ATLEAST buy some OEM rings and piston for the bike, but once I took off the cylinder I immediately saw abnormal wear on the cylinder wall above the exhaust port. The chasis is in overall good shape besides a bent muffler and broke plastics on the right side of the bike due to being thrown off a bridge and into my creek :smirk:

I'm praying that I can keep this rebuild under $600 so I can make a little money. Also, I have some parts from me old KX85 so that should help a BUNCH. SO here's the parts list...

Replate- $200 (plus shipping for one way)

OEM piston & rings- $74.37

Polisport plastics kit or a kit that comes with the restyled UFO fenders (Polisport because they come with front number plates so I don't have to waste $30 on one.) - $106.30

ProTaper pillow top grips- $12

And some graphics I already have picked out from ebay that come with an N-Style seat cover- $85 w/free shipping.

Supension seals and all bearings are good :banana: and I already started packing them w/waterproof BelRay grease. :thumb:

So here's some pics after about a one hour tear down (Man I forgot how easy little kawi's are to work on.)











Parts bought:

OEM cylinder- $275 w/free shipping from ebay

OEM plastics w/2010 graphics- $104.95 w/free shipping

OEM piston, rings, and cir-clips- $70.32 w/free shipping

Tusk brake lever- $5.99 w/free shipping

ProTaper pillow top grips- $12.99 w/free shipping

Motion Pro throttle cable- $14.99 w/free shipping

I should receive the parts on 2-25-11


All I need now is a 16" rear
Well I ended up buying a NOS cylinder for CHEAP!!! :thumb: I going to keep an eye on the rings so i'm not worried about the wear problems I've heard about on the stock cylinders. I'll be posting editing the first post to show new progress so the thread is easier for people to read etc.... :blah:

Oh and it seems like I can't a socket thin enough to remove the perch due to the ASV rotating clamp arggghhhhhh

which graphics???? these http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KX85..._Accessories&hash=item2a0d5a61ac#ht_500wt_956 or these http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MONS..._Accessories&hash=item4152c6f086#ht_500wt_956
Well I just bought some OEM plastics that had the 2010 OEM graphics on it... I should finish the bike this weekend total cost: $484.25 Not bad in my opinion.... :thinking: I guess some 'cooler' graphics may get put on it IF i have a hard time selling in a couple months....