2 Stroke 01 cr125 help

I am not sure if this is the actuator arm seal or the crank seal. My bike isnt running lean its actually running a bit rich. I also have another issue which i think its the reeds because when i get up to the rpms like 5th gear its if my rpms throttle and feels like theres no more power after half throttle i've read online its the reeds. I just rejetted the carb but I haven't looked at the reeds yet. I also rebuilt the piston recently and there was no up and down movement on the crank.



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Welcome! I am not sure which seal is leaking, but one certainly is!
feels like theres no more power after half throttle
Throttle position is indicative of the jet circuit you are having trouble with.
Half to full throttle is mostly controlled by the main jet.
If it 'burbles' after half throttle, i'd say too rich on the main.
If it falls flat on it's face and bogs after half throttle, i'd say too lean on the main.

If this is a sustained throttle power loss, then the float is set to low, starving the bike on long hard throttle applications.
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okay so i went into my reeds and i found some issues and this is definitely why when i give it half throttle it feels like it’s full pinning. one of the issues is for some reason the intake boot dosent fit i know ur suppose to cut the intake boots rubber flaps. i believe who did this did a horrible job at doing it because it’s suppose to be smooth and nothing blocking the passage but there is a bump blocking the passage witch is blocking air and fuel going into the engine.

2. i have 2 small chips in one my reed valves i do not know if this is very major or not but someone let me know if it is still useable.

3. i also have another issue you are suppose to have the old reeds to cut the boot so it fits in the vforce reeds i do not have the old reeds as the past owner didn’t give me them is there a way that i can somehow cut my new boot to fit the vforce reeds? or do i have to just ball out spend 200-300 dollars to get the oem reeds and just use those because i’m only looking to spend 100-150 dollars.

i need help because i do not know what to exactly do.


oh i forgot to mention i will have to replace the intake boot because there is a crack in it which is causing a air leak so i can’t reuse the old boot i will have to get a new one anyways
Slow the phuck down lad, there are many fixes for many problems but patience is key! There’s a lotta smart fellas on here but let’s tackle the issues one at a time! :thumb: